Smackdown Live Results:January 15th,2019    TLC Results
 Who is Rey Mysterio?

Real Name: Óscar Gutiérrez
Ring Name: Rey Mysterio
Debut:April 30, 1989
Born:Chula Vista, California
Birthday:December 11,1974
Mini Bio:Óscar Gutiérrez better known by his ring name Rey Mysterio Jr. or simply Rey Mysterio Spanish for “King Mystery”, is an American-born Mexican professional wrestler who is currently wrestling on the independent circuit.

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Smackdown Live Results:January 15th,2019
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Zelina Vega distracted Mysterio on the top rope long enough for Andrade to knock his legs out from under him. Andrade landed the hammerlock DDT from the top rope for the pinfall.

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TLC Results
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Creative spots were aplenty in this one in what has turned into a fun feud. Mysterio used a chair as a makeshift boogie board to slide on his stomach under the bottom rope and onto Orton outside. The finish was just as fun as Orton set up four chairs next to each other inside the ring for an RKO until Mysterio broke free. After he spun Orton face first into the chairs, Mysterio climbed them to springboard off into a victory roll off a hurricanrana for the 1-2-3. This match may have been ultimately used as filler on this already deep card but this one between two legends was memorable.

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SmackDown Live Results:November 27th,2018
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Randy Orton hit the ring Tuesday night to address his attack on Rey Mysterio and the theft of his mask.

The Viper called the experience euphoric, insisting he does not care about the history or prestige of the mask. He vowed to make Mysterio the latest of his long line of victims.

The Master of the 619 interrupted, rushing the ring sporting a neck brace. He endured an assault at the hands of The Viper but fought back and landed two 619s.

Orton fought back, delivered two draping DDTs and finished by wrapping a chair around his rival’s head and sending him into the steel steps.

The fans booed as officials checked on Mysterio.
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Starrcade Results:November 25,2018
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Rey Mysterio and Shinsuke Nakamura went at it Saturday in a match for the United States Championship.
Per Clark, Mysterio won the match by disqualification when The Miz interfered, which led to Rusev showing up.
Nakamura retained his title because of the DQ finish, but it led to a tag team match with Nakamura and The Miz facing Mysterio and Rusev.While Mysterio didn’t win the United States Championship, he gained some much-needed momentum as he continues to feud with Randy Orton on SmackDown Live.
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SmackDown Live Results:November 20th,2018
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Mysterio went for the baseball slide to the outside, but Orton was able to catch him with the RKO on the floor. Orton shoved Mysterio back into the ring, lifting him up by the mask and revealing his face before hitting another RKO for the victory. Orton went outside to grab a chair, which he wrapped around the neck of Mysterio and shoved him into the ring post. As Mysterio fell to the ground, the mask fell off completely and, of course, it ended up in the hands of Orton who had a new trophy in his hand as SmackDown went off the air.
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Survivor Series:November 18th,2018
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Disharmony among members and constant bickering didn’t stop Raw from ending the match with a three-man advantage following four straight eliminations by Strowman. But after an attack from behind by Corbin, Team Raw left its “Monster Among Men” in the ring as fellow survivors Lashley and McIntyre walked off alongside the acting Raw general manager.

The match paled in comparison to previous years (including an epic 2016 main event) yet still provided plenty of entertainment thanks to an expected mix of big spots and creative booking. McMahon was his typical daredevil self with an elbow off the top rope through the announce table on Strowman and a coast-to-coast on Ziggler while The Miz held him down. A final coast-to-coast attempt from a weary McMahon was intercepted by Strowman, however, with a stiff clothesline. Strowman went on powerslam and pin Hardy, catch a 619 attempt by Mysterio for a powerslam and pin, then finish off The Miz and McMahon all on his own. Strowman, who argued with teammates in the locker room beforehand, nearly came to blows with McIntyre during the match. Balor also turned on his teammate McIntyre before being pinned by Mysterio.
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Smackdown Live Results:November 13th,2018
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Daniel Bryan is off the SmackDown team so he can face AJ Styles, so The Miz names Jeff Hardy as the final member of the team. He also tries to tell Rey Mysterio he is off the team because he was Bryan’s pick. Paige orders him to keep Rey or defeat him. Mysterio agrees to her terms and Paige makes the match for after the break.
Miz rolls up Rey for a two count right away. He tries a couple more pinning combinations with no success. The A-Lister grounds the luchador in a headlock. Mysterio hits a headscissor takedown to send Miz out of the ring so he can hit a sliding splash. Miz gets his knees up to block as we head to a commercial.
Rey picks up the win via pinfall
Orton runs in and tries to RKO Mysterio, but Rey counters. Randy settles for hitting The Miz instead while Mysterio watches from the ramp.
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Smackdown Live Results:November 6th,2018
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They start with some fast-paced offense. Rey gets in a few quick moves before one stiff elbow from Almas puts him on the mat. Rey sends him out of the ring, but Almas catches him in a hurricanrana attempt and swings his whole body into the barricade.
We return to see Mysterio avoid a running double knee in the corner. He hits a few kicks from the apron and a springboard seated senton. Both men hit kicks to the head, but it’s Rey who picks up the near fall. Andrade nails the double knee in the corner twice for a very close two count. Almas hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He goes for his double moonsault spot and Mysterio blocks it with his knees. Cien counters the 619 but Rey is able to turn it into a hurricanrana on the floor. He spikes Almas with a sliding DDT on the floor before bringing him back in to hit the 619 for the pin and the win.
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Crown Jewel Results:Novmeber 2nd,2018
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In a short match, as most of these World Cup matches will be, Mysterio took down Orton by folding him up in a pinning combination. Immediately afterward, Orton hit Mysterio with an RKO, launched Mysterio out of the ring and threw him over the announce table. Whether that extra punishment will hurt Mysterio later on will be interesting to see.
Aside from a few rest holds early, this match picked up the pace quickly. A huricanrana by Mysterio began what looked to be the closing process, but after Mysterio was thrown face-first into the corner, he kicked out of Miz’s Skull-Crushing Finale. Mysterio gained momentum at that point and had Miz prone, but his frog splash attempt was thwarted by elevated knees by Miz, who took advantage of Mysterio’s injured ribs with a pinning combination for the win
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Smackdown Live Results:October 30th,2018
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The finish came via a 619 to Miz from Mysterio followed by a Swanton from Hardy. Afterwards, Orton laid everyone out — including his partner Miz — with an RKO to stand tall and end the show.
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